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Oh...My....GOD! I love Yoko! And you portrayed her perfectly! Oh wow, let me try to to stumble over my words while i shower you with pr...

Hurry more Fairy Tail stuff! I think you should do a follow up where Cana has some 'guests' over, willing or not. I think you did a rea...

Evangelion - Rei Dominates Asuka by trueshinobi01

Again you astound me with your artistic talent! Personally i always thought Asuka was a bit whiny, and she needed something to shut her...

Fairy Tail - Erza's Foot Slave Lucy by trueshinobi01

Oh my god! I Almost cried and screamed at the same time! This is just wonderful and amazing! I don't even have words to describe it! Th...

Rosario Vampire - Mizore Kokoa (sexy karate style) by trueshinobi01

Oh wow, i don't think you've ever done anything like this before. This is a new angle, and i like it a lot! Mizore is probably my favor...

The Elegant Sparky

Tight. So very tight were the ropes that hugged her body. She looked up at him, with that smug smile on his face. Her eyes snapped shut as yet another flash was emitted from the large camera in his hands. She sometimes wondered why she put up with this. The answer was very simple though. She it, and she loved him. The way the ropes hugged her body, holding her helplessly in place. The way he looked at her with his hungry, lustful eyes. Every single part of it aroused her. Every flash of his camera sent a shiver up her spine.

A claw tie he had called it. Her arms had been drawn up, and her elbow folded so they rested neatly behind her head. More rope had then been tied to her fingers. Those were then pulled back and tied off so her hands formed 'claws'.

The harness of ropes continued to wind down her body, leaving a diamond pattern down the center. Around and around it wound, hugging her body firmly. Her ribs, her stomach, lower and lower it went. Down and down until it reached her most sacred place.

That was his gift, her lover had left it there for her. To tease her, and keep her from relaxing as he toyed with her. It's touch was so faint, but even the slightest movement sent jolting sensations through her. It was never enough, but she was constantly aware of its touch. And he knew that. That single rope constantly drew her attention as the minutes drug on.

She looked up at him, kneeling helplessly on the floor. Her legs had been frogtied, so she couldn't stand, she could hardly move! The minutes turned into hours as her body was assaulted by an uncountable number of sensations.

Her back arched, and a low moan escaped from the red rubber ball that had been strapped into her mouth. This caused her to drool, all down her chin. It then dripped down onto her chest, and slid down under her shirt.

Again she arched harder, and moaned louder. The rope rubbed her more, but her infernal pants kept her from getting the needed contact. Again he smiled at her, that sadistic, condescending smile. He loved this part so much, watching her helpless struggles as he wordless mocked her with those stupid camera flashes! But she could see his excitement growing, if she could push him just a little bit further then he would have to give in!

She closed her eyes, and bit down on the ball in her mouth. Then she arched, as hard as she could into her evil bindings. The rope rubbed her just a little bit harder, and this drove her on. A primal moan escaped her mouth, a torrent or drool following close behind. She didn't try to stop it though, she let it all out. Her shirt was soaked with drool, and her pants were soaked as well. Her need was driving her crazy, this was her last chance.

Everything got strangely quiet all of a sudden, When she opened her eyes he was gone. The camera had been set on a chair facing toward her. Panic flooded into her mind for a moment. Had he left her? Would he do that? Maybe for the comical value he would, he was such a sadist. But would he REALLY leave her?

She whimpered into the gag, and pulled against the ropes. Could she escape? She tested the ropes, but it quickly became obvious how trapped she was. Panic took over, and she started struggling for all she was worth. But there was no give, none at all. She was completely trapped.

“That's good, just like that. I love the way you struggle.”

She jumped with a squeal, so hard that she lost her balance. She teetered precariously on one leg for a moment, then she fell, hard. She landed on her side with a thump, then rolled over so she could face him. Oh the glare she gave him, it was pure evil. But he ignored her, he leaned down, and he kissed her gagged lips. Oh sweet heavenly bliss, she had wanted him to do that all night. Just that slight contact caused her to moan desperately into his mouth.

“I bet you want out of those ropes huh?” She nodded so fast she thought her neck would break. “Well I'm afraid we can't do that just yet. But since I am merciful, how about we see about relieving another type of tension?” Oh what magical words those were. She would stay tied up all night, just for a moment of his touch. And what a touch it was.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

I have recently discovered then Amazon E-card thing, that allows you to send gift cards through email. That will be my preferred method of payment from now on, but the point option will still be there. I still think the prices are fair, i might have like sales and stuff in the future. So please send me a note if you are interested in commissioning me!
I've also included the word counts for each story length, though i was only judging by stories i have that are of similar length. So they are just a rough estimate.
Also, i prefer to send commissions through email, it provides more freedom that way. I just ask that you don't upload my works and claim them as your own.

(2-4 pages. Or 1000-2200 words roughly.) 200 points, or 3$ in the form of an amazon gift card.
3 Page length example
City of MistShannon Reynolds was a twenty two year old girl. She had just taken a vacation from her bar tending job, it may not sound like much but it could get stressful. Instead of going to some popular tourist spot, she decided to go on a road trip instead. She didn't have a car of her own, so she rented one.
She didn't have a lot of money, but she had managed to get a deal on a pretty nice 2005 Subaru Outback. And judging by what the dealership had left in stock she thought she had scored! But the downfall was the older model car was lacking a GPS system.
“Where the hell am I?” Shannon said staring at an intersection of dry dirt roads.  
She had not thought that she would need the GPS, but she had strayed from the main roads, and now she was helplessly lost. There were no street signs on the intersection, but it was obvious she was in the middle of no where.
“Damn I am not going to get murdered out here. This isn't some cheap horror movie. Where is that freaking map!

(5-8 pages. or 2800-4200 words roughly.) 400 points, or 5$ in the form of an amazon gift card.
5 page example
Lucy the Catgirl.This story takes place in an alternate universe. In this universe, Lucy waited another year before joining Fairy Tail. This means all the characters have aged another year, making them all 18. All characters are 18 years of age.
It was a sunny day in Magnolia. Lucy stretched and yawned as as she walked through the park. It had been an eventful day. She had come home from a mission, got a nice paycheck. Then spent it all when she had to replace her wardrobe.
Not because she had wanted new clothes. But Natsu had set it on fire when he got in a fight with Gray inside her apartment. She really needed to invest in a security system to keep them out, but she had to keep spending money to replace stuff they broke, it was a real pain.
As she was walking she had an idea. She decided she would go visit Erza. She smiled and headed off toward Fairy Hills. It took her almost an hour to walk there, but she was in no hurry. When she arrived at Fairy Hills she headed up to Erza's room. She found the b

8 page example. well 8 1/2 but close enough.
Captured and Sold.Abbie and Annie panted and drank from their water bottles as they leaned against the brick wall of their college building. They had just had a rough Volleyball practice, and a short workout. They had gathered their things and decided to take a short break before the fairly long walk down the long county roads to get home. It was about a mile to the edge of the city, then about two more to get back to their farm house.
They were attending Redfox Academy. A small college in the city of Angel Springs in the northern US. Their volleyball team name was the Lady Foxes. The foot ball team was the Fighting Foxes. It was early May of 2012, and the Volleyball season was just starting.
They were also twins, and had been basically inseparable since they were born. Not only that, but they were beautiful. Standing at five feet and eight inches, they were tall for girls, and they had full breasts and curvy hips. Their beauty was further complemented by their long strawberry blonde hair. The shade of

(9-12 pages. or 5000-6500 words roughly.) 600 points, or 8$ in the form of an amazon gift card.

12 page example
Captured and Sold 2Abbie and Annie stretched in their volley ball uniforms. The uniforms consisted of a tight maroon sports T-shirt with 3 inch white stripes starting under the arms and running down to the hem of the shirt. Knee high white socks. And black sneakers. Then there was Annie's favorite part. The tight, black, spandex shorts that hugged her curvy bottom in all the right ways.
They had a tough practice, and they worked out longer than usual after words. They decided to spend a good amount time stretching out on campus. There was a big field with grass and trees that connected to the city park out behind the school. As Annie was doing toe touches, guys walked past whistling on their way home from school.
Abbie was so embarrassed that she sat down to do leg stretches so they couldn't see her. She tried to look away to avoid their looks. Eventually she just pulled out a medical book and buried her face in it so that she could hide. Annie just looked at her and smiled, continuing her toe touches.

(13-16 pages. or 7000-8000 words roughly.) 800 points, or 10$ in the form of an amazon gift card.

15 page example
Captured and Sold 3The next few days passed quickly. They were taken out of the container a few times and either Alexei and Isaiah and led to an area inside the ship. There they were stripped naked and washed by a pair of naked Japanese women. They were then redressed in their cleaned underwear and put back in the container.
After their second shower, it was only another day until to boat stopped. Abbie and Annie listened carefully for a long time. There was a lot of noise outside. Men barking orders girls screaming as they were dragging off the ship. Cages and containers banging and clanging. Abbie and Annie were seemingly being ignored for the time being. They wondered how long it would be before the door to their cage opened and they were wheeled away.
After what seemed like about another hour the container opened. Alexei and Isaiah wordlessly slid the cage onto the cart, with the girls still inside, gagged and virtually helpless. Luckily the bathroom bucket had been empty, otherwise the movement woul

17-19 is 15$ Not sure how many points that is.
20-24 is 20$

These are the longest i have ever done. And cost a bit more because of how long they are.
I can't really say what longer than this would cost. But Unless you are planning to print it as a novel you should not really need it.

If you need something longer I would be happy to talk about it.

I can write most things, Anime, TV shows, Original Characters. If you want something with an OC, or something from a show i haven't seen, i should be able to do it with a description of the character, so don't be afraid to ask!
Also, if you want something that isn't adult or fetish related, i would be happy to that as well. My writing isn't limited to just fetish stuff. Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. I am here most days, and will be happy to receive you. I have an open mind for most things. It takes a lot to scare me off.
I don't do Yaoi or anything guy on guy, we can talk about anything else.

Radaharia, Join the adventure.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2015, 9:21 PM

Alright, if you haven't read my new story yet, do so before continuing; otherwise this isn't going to make any sense to you at all. Go on, I'll wait...
Radaharia- PrologueSpace station Radaharia; built in front of one of the largest warp gates in the known universe. This gate led back to the Milky Way, and Andromeda galaxies. Most of the travelers coming through that gate made their home there. This space station had been built by one of the wealthiest Earth nationals to ever live. Building his station here, and buying up the empty space fifty light years out on both sides of the gate; it was cruel, but effective. This ensured that people had to stop there if they wanted to refuel. Smaller ships could barely make it a hundred light years on a tank. Bigger ships could manage, but they would have to stop at the nearest planet on the other side. Not all were willing to do that, so the traffic on Radaharia was constant.
Being the first construct in the exploration of a new section of the universe wasn't all fun and games though. This lawless expanse of space had little influence from the Milky-Way Galactic fleet. This made this unexplored space even more da

Now, here's the deal. I have this whole space station full of faceless bodies (sounds like a horror movie... Or that one episode of Doctor Who....) I want to put your face on those bodies! (Also sounds like a horror movie... Or that one with Nick Cage...)
What I am trying to say is, if you want, I could have you/ your character in this new series. Now I can't say how frequently they will show up, that will appear on your role. But I'd like to create a world filled with you guys, so you would enjoy it that much more. That being said, my ability to portray them correctly will largely depend on how well you describe them to me. ANY WAY Below is a list of positions I already have filled, and empty spaces where there are openings. If you would like to apply, you can comment below, or note me. I will update this list as positions are filled. Of course if you have a job for your character in mind, that works too. As long as it fits the theme.


Space stations roles.

Club owner: Sahna Desai- Oc
Club Bartender: Freyja, Oc, skyrim series
(Club workers will have the following jobs: Stripper, waitress, bondage model, fetish fulfillment specialist. Basically everything that the club offers will be their job.)
Club worker: Mark (MrMarmarak)
Club worker: Cinnamon (GoodKittyNyanchan)
Club worker: Jonathan 'Waltyn' Nordsen (AsllaUru99)
Club worker: Marki and Ingrid (Bondax)
Club worker:Kiefer Mustermann (Piopio1949)

Shop owner, general: Olivia Smith (vespei)
Shop owner, fetish supply:


(Security officers are in charge of stopping crime, and taking punishment into their own hands.)
Security officer north wing: Krystal (hiddenlotus555)
Security officer south wing: Alistaire Marjuok (ForestWolfDragon)
Security officer east wing: Kalte (Jack-Inqu13)
Security officer west wing: Dave & Katerine (swatrzwald)

(Ambassadors are there to represent their native places, and that's about it.)
Ambassador: Catharsis (WarioNumberOne)
Ambassador: Miss L (poulop666)


Ship crew.

Captain: Darius Daedalus
First mate: Alexei Reznikov
Logistics/ Communications :Amy Roberts
Chief engineer: Isabella Torres
Navigation officer: Fathia
Head doctor: Michelle Clark
Medical trainee: Ruby Mayall
Fighter Pilot first: Jenna Thomas
Fighter Pilot second: Kaatryn (Kaatryn)
Fighter Pilot third: Lyra (Devious-Otaku)
Fighter Pilot fourth: Sparky (ForestWolfDragon, DragonFreakSparky)
Fighter Pilot fifth/ noob:
Fighter Pilot Trainee: Natalia (3DErotic & TiedupTemari)

Tactical officer: Annie Ritter
Flight officer: Abbie Ritter
Cargo master: Damiana Rose (LittleShiro-Kun)
Quarter Master: Julie Mathews
Solder, gunner: Zeta (Dragon-Cana-Love)
Soldier, gunner: Quinn (krammstein)
Soldier, gunner: Laura Henderson (Jarkeld)
Soldier, gunner:

Additional crew
Captain's woman: Shannon Reynolds.


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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2015, 9:02 PM

Hello again! Got some updates for the folks of my kingdom. Rising Empire should be up in a few days, then i got another surprise Foot Fetish related story for you guys. Tickling commission I might put up tomorrow, and Catwoman has started her adventure.

BUT! The main reason I am writing this, I promised you some story details yesterday, and failed to deliver. I decided that instead of trying to cram the details into a journal, I would write a prologue chapter to introduce everyone to this new world I am making. The introduction of this will be followed by an interesting offer for all of you, so be patient, and stay tuned. I will try to get it out by this weekend if i can, but we will see.

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Moyashimon/ Tales of Agriculture.

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 7, 2015, 3:11 PM

Ima just come out and say it, I loved this series. I can't really narrow down any one reason why i did either. The characters were all amazing, I found them to be unique, and enjoyable. The story isn't bad either, It's both comedic, and dramatic. If you haven't seen this series, i recommend you go check it out. Team microbe all the way.

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  • Reading: The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood- Howard Pyle
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TiedupTemari has started a donation pool!
2,260 / 10,000
I would like to extend my Premium Membership. If you want to donate toward that i would really appreciate it! You can also donate just to show your support! I will use points for character art for my stories and stuff like that.

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So, I'm thinking about doing "The Lucky, Unlucky Babysitter 2" Just to see how it goes. Anyone want to see that? 

17 deviants said Yes, Absolutely!
4 deviants said More anime stuff first!
2 deviants said Arkham City 2 first!
1 deviant said You have better stories to work on.
No deviants said Nah.



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