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Is Fairy Tail 4 still planned ? This story is just great... I read it allmost 8 times >.>
Mon Mar 17, 2014, 1:07 PM
Why do people keep unwatching me? Have i done something wrong?
Fri Feb 14, 2014, 12:13 PM
What is a shout box for anyway? Is than an accepted means of communication? Shouting at people?
Tue Feb 11, 2014, 8:06 PM
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!
Sun Dec 15, 2013, 7:51 PM
*insert witty comment here*
Sat Dec 14, 2013, 4:29 PM
Wassa Matta Wid U
Wed Dec 4, 2013, 2:18 PM
Welcome to premium membership land!
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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 6:40 PM

Okay, a bit of change to the commission thing, this doesn't effect any current commissions i have, but will apply to future ones. I have recently discovered then Amazon E-card thing, that allows you to send gift cards through email. That will be my preferred method of payment from now on, but the point option will still be there. I still think the prices are fair, i might have like sales and stuff in the future. So please send me a note if you are interested in commissioning me!

I've also included the word counts for each story length, though i was only judging by stories i have that are of similar length. So they are just a rough estimate.

Also, i prefer to send commissions through email, it provides more freedom that way. I just ask that you don't upload my works and claim them as your own.

(2-4 pages. Or 1000-2200 words roughly.) 200 points, or 3$ in the form of an amazon gift card.
3 Page length example
City of MistShannon Reynolds was a twenty two year old girl. She had just taken a vacation from her bar tending job, it may not sound like much but it could get stressful. Instead of going to some popular tourist spot, she decided to go on a road trip instead. She didn't have a car of her own, so she rented one.
She didn't have a lot of money, but she had managed to get a deal on a pretty nice 2005 Subaru Outback. And judging by what the dealership had left in stock she thought she had scored! But the downfall was the older model car was lacking a GPS system.
“Where the hell am I?” Shannon said staring at an intersection of dry dirt roads.  
She had not thought that she would need the GPS, but she had strayed from the main roads, and now she was helplessly lost. There were no street signs on the intersection, but it was obvious she was in the middle of no where.
“Damn I am not going to get murdered out here. This isn't some cheap horror movie. Where is that freaking map!

(5-8 pages. or 3000-4200 words roughly.) 400 points, or 5$ in the form of an amazon gift card.
5 page example
Lucy the Catgirl.This story takes place in an alternate universe. In this universe, Lucy waited another year before joining Fairy Tail. This means all the characters have aged another year, making them all 18. All characters are 18 years of age.
It was a sunny day in Magnolia. Lucy stretched and yawned as as she walked through the park. It had been an eventful day. She had come home from a mission, got a nice paycheck. Then spent it all when she had to replace her wardrobe.
Not because she had wanted new clothes. But Natsu had set it on fire when he got in a fight with Gray inside her apartment. She really needed to invest in a security system to keep them out, but she had to keep spending money to replace stuff they broke, it was a real pain.
As she was walking she had an idea. She decided she would go visit Erza. She smiled and headed off toward Fairy Hills. It took her almost an hour to walk there, but she was in no hurry. When she arrived at Fairy Hills she headed up to Erza's room. She found the b

8 page example.
A Strange New World
This story takes place in an alternate reality. In this world Lucy Heartfilia never joined Fairy Tail. Instead, on her way to Magnolia, she was kidnapped. She was captured by slavers and trained in preparation for being sold. In this world many thins are different, but many things are similar. We join our characters on the day of the auction, where Lucy is about to be sold.

“SOLD! WE HAVE A WINNER LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! Our busty blonde slave has a new home. Now if you'll excuse me for a moment while I discuss some things with our winner, we will resume the auction when I return.”
The auctioneer walked up to a man with pink hair. He was wearing a long sleeveless black coat with gold trim, black pants, and black boots. His name was Natsu Dragneel and he was one the richest and most powerful men in Magnolia. He smiled at the auctioneer as he walked closed with the deed to his new slave in a leather bound tube.
Yes folks, In this world Natsu is no longer a violent i

(9-12 pages. or 5000-6500 words roughly.) 600 points, or 8$ in the form of an amazon gift card.

12 page example
Captured and Sold 2Abbie and Annie stretched in their volley ball uniforms. The uniforms consisted of a tight maroon sports T-shirt with 3 inch white stripes starting under the arms and running down to the hem of the shirt. Knee high white socks. And black sneakers. Then there was Annie's favorite part. The tight, black, spandex shorts that hugged her curvy bottom in all the right ways.
They had a tough practice, and they worked out longer than usual after words. They decided to spend a good amount time stretching out on campus. There was a big field with grass and trees that connected to the city park out behind the school. As Annie was doing toe touches, guys walked past whistling on their way home from school.
Abbie was so embarrassed that she sat down to do leg stretches so they couldn't see her. She tried to look away to avoid their looks. Eventually she just pulled out a medical book and buried her face in it so that she could hide. Annie just looked at her and smiled, continuing her toe touches.

(13-16 pages. or 7000-8000 words roughly.) 800 points, or 10$ in the form of an amazon gift card.

15 page example
Captured and Sold 3The next few days passed quickly. They were taken out of the container a few times and either Alexei and Isaiah and led to an area inside the ship. There they were stripped naked and washed by a pair of naked Japanese women. They were then redressed in their cleaned underwear and put back in the container.
After their second shower, it was only another day until to boat stopped. Abbie and Annie listened carefully for a long time. There was a lot of noise outside. Men barking orders girls screaming as they were dragging off the ship. Cages and containers banging and clanging. Abbie and Annie were seemingly being ignored for the time being. They wondered how long it would be before the door to their cage opened and they were wheeled away.
After what seemed like about another hour the container opened. Alexei and Isaiah wordlessly slid the cage onto the cart, with the girls still inside, gagged and virtually helpless. Luckily the bathroom bucket had been empty, otherwise the movement woul

I can write most things, Anime, TV shows, never tried cartoons but i think i can do those too, Original Characters. If you want something with an OC, or something from a show i haven't seen, i should be able to do it with a description of the character, so don't be afraid to ask!

I don't do Yaoi or anything guy on guy, we can talk about anything else.

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If i ever wrote something non adult/fetish related and posted it here, would anyone want to read it? 

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